Why us?

here are a few reasons we think teanyweany is the bees knees...

Complete Nutrition Required For Babies
Fresh And OrganicIngredients
Convenient Yet Homemade
Guidance For Every Step Of The Weaning Process
Expose Your Baby To Lots Of Flavours As Early As Possible In Their Food Journey
Meal Planning For Every Day Of The Week
Stay In Control Of What Your Baby Eats
Reduce Food Wastage

How it works


Let us know your baby’s age and we will select a week’s worth of our carefully developed, nutritious recipes that are perfect for your baby’s age.


We deliver your box filled with enough fresh and organic ingredients to get your little one through the week, as well as fabulous recipes and helpful tips.


You create delicious meals for your baby using our carefully sourced ingredients, together with our recipes and meal plans to create delicious and nutritious meals for your baby. That's breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire week!


Stage 1
4-6 months

it is recommended that babies are exclusively breastfed, or given formula, for the first 6 months, after which you can start to introduce solids (see our FAQs for why teanyweany Stage 1 is 4-6 months). Your baby is not likely to eat very much at this age as her stomach is still very small and all she has known is milk for the past 6 months, so the first stage is just a taster!

Stage 2
7-9 months

at this stage, your baby’s primary source of nutrition is still milk, but iron stores will be low and your baby will need solid food for extra nutrition. Wheat and full-fat dairy foods can be introduced to your baby’s diet from around 7 months, but cow’s milk won’t be suitable as your baby’s main drink until after 12 months.

Stage 3
10-12 months

by now your baby will be eating three meals a day and you can introduce your baby lots of new flavours and textures, which is the fun part! There are still certain foods that should be avoided before your baby is 12 months old, head to our blog for more advice. We will only provide you with food that is suitable for your baby’s age 🙂

Stage 4
12+ months

your baby will still be drinking 500-600ml of milk per day, but is likely to be eating the same foods as you by now, though the food will still need to be chopped and should not contain any added salt or sugar.